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Middle:: Beverly at Benaroya with Happy Medium School Choir

Bottom: Beverly singing for the closing ceremonies at the National Jefferson Awards, Supreme Court, in Washington DC.


Beverly Graham

Phone: 206-948-3773

Beverly Graham has been a creating and performing artist/musician since the age of fifteen, has recorded eight full-length albums and has written and illustrated six children’s books. She uses her abilities as a performer, writer, and inspirational speaker to create environments that heal, share, and promote open-mindedness. Beverly also provides corporate presentations, seminars, workshops, and retreats on Service Leadership and non competitive team building


Beverly is the Founding Executive Director of the largest Meal Provider program for the homeless and food insecure in Washington State. OPERATION: Sack Lunch began as a one day project serving organic lunches to Seattle area homeless in 1989 and is now celebrating 21 years direct service to an underserved population. As Seattle’s only recognized non-bio toxic charity kitchen, with organic and eco friendly practices, Beverly has fostered a commitment to, and encouraged a progressive collaboration, with City and State Government and the private sector. Serving more than 2.7 million nutritionally excellent meals, three meals a day, seven days a week, OSL has become a pivotal link in the human service chain in the Seattle area. OPERATION: Sack Lunch is considered a “first responder” by State and local authorities in the event of a local or national emergency.


Over the years Beverly has developed several satellite programs promoting environmental and green practices including a food rescue program, saving more than 220,000lbs of viable nutritious food each year before it hits the waste stream, a holistic chef training program, OCCUPATION: Next Step, for homeless individuals, and co-created an advocacy and education alliance, the Meals Partnership Coalition, for more than 100 meal providers serving compromised populations. As a community builder Beverly’s multi-media presentation on hunger, homelessness, and discrimination awareness, has been instrumental in inspiring thousands of student, adult, and corporate volunteers to proactively engage in community involvement.


With extensive experience in sacred settings including the house of healing, death and re-birthing, Beverly, combines her skills as a Sound Practitioner, Shaman and Empathetic Intuitive utilizing several healing modalities in Vibrational Synchronized Resonance Therapy©.

As an ordained minister, Beverly provides spiritual insight and direction and is a vocal and communications life skills coach.


A list of Beverly’s commendations include:

1997 Jefferson Award; National American Institute of Public Service

1998 Raymond Hunthausen Humanitarian Award Honoree

1998 International Giraffe Award 

2001 Soroptimist Woman of Distinction Award

2002 Seattle Mayors End Hunger Award 

2004 Thomas C. Wales Foundation Honoree.

2007 Home Town Hero (published 2008)


Beverly has received several other community based awards for service, inspiration, and as a peacemaker. She is a 2006 invitational graduate of the Seattle University’s Executive Leadership Program and has composed the theme songs used by the Moyer Foundation and Boeing Employees Community Fund. Featured on the Hallmark Station, Beverly is a gifted storyteller and a dynamic performer with immense positive energy, insight and vision. She has an enormous ability to embody being love in action and her music, humor, and passion for all of life, linger with you long after her performance is finished.


An article by Dan Fuller states; “standing less than five feet tall, she is a giant to thousands of people who have been touched by her talent and compassion”.

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